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Pearwheel is the growth engine for African retail SME's. Tools to make buying & selling seamless.

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Order & restock instantly for your store

A B2B marketplace where retailers purchase products directly from manufacturers; offers an innovative service leveraging AI to connect fast moving consumer goods to thousands of retailers and help with distribution.

Our B2B solution is fully dedicated to supporting local businesses and helping them navigate the modern FMCG market. Our digital platform opens multiple channels of distributors to retail businesses, restocking their shops in one click of a button.


Easy banking & bookkeeping for your small business

Powering small businesses to scale. Through simple business banking, smart inventory, payment solution, bookkeeping.
1 Accounting.
2 Business banking
3 Bookkeeping
4 Seamless payments
5 Smart inventory Management
6 Business growth tools


automated inventory restock subscription

PearBasket offers a B2B subscription basket service, which enables retailers to preorder products from different manufacturers using an automated structure.

Points and Rewards

Retailers get automated pre-ordered baskets of different products from their choice of distributors every month, based on subscription.

Offers a Point-based System where subscribed retailers gets Reward Points on repeat orders. Points are redeemed for retailers to purchase more products subsequently.

"Dis na the app wey dey make my smile dey bright like dis. Pearwheel na Ogbonge"

I enjoy the convenience the Pearwheel app provides. This has helped our business restock our inventory very easily. Their BNPL service is super fast and helpful when we need to restock instantly when we don't have the cash.

titi adebayo
Absolutely loving it!

Kudos to the Pearwheel team for building this awesome solution for a market that needs it so much.

Uche Orji
The best B2B app in the market currently

Pearwheel drives an impactful e-business using AI to connect fast moving consumer goods to thousands of retailers and help with distribution while providing a seamless Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) model for retailers to scale their businesses. Kudos to the Pearwheel team.

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