Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pearwheel?

Pearwheel is a platform that drives an impactful e-business, using AI to connect Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) to thousands of retailers. We help with distribution of goods, while providing a seamless Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) model for retailers to scale their businesses. Restock your store in minutes…

How can PearB2B help my business?

Our B2B marketplace is a platform where retailers can purchase products directly from manufacturers. Our B2B solution is fully dedicated to supporting your local business and helping you navigate the modern FMCG market. Our digital platform opens multiple channels of distributors to your retail business, helping you restock your shop in one click of a button.

How can I use PearBasket?

PearBasket offers a B2B subscription basket service, which enables retailers to preorder products from different manufacturers using an automated structure. Kindly subscribe to our Pearbasket service and get points and rewards from every repeat order you make on Pearwheel. You can redeem your points or rewards accumulated to access automated pre-ordered cases of different products, or you can purchase more products from your choice of distributors subsequently.

What is PearPay?

PearPay offers an easy, frictionless and instant Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment offering to selected retailers on Pearwheel. This is an innovative solution which allows selected retailers to conveniently shop from our partnered distributors while enjoying BNPL services and discounts. As a registered and consistent user, you can enjoy a flexible payment option that allows you to get the goods you need to restock and pay in 3 months.

How do I register on Pearwheel as a retailer?

To register as a retailer on Pearwheel, kindly click here.

What type of goods can I purchase on Pearwheel?

You can purchase a wide variety of goods on the pearwheel app, consisting of different categories of products, ranging from foods, beverages, household and personal care products.

How long does it take to receive my goods?

It takes 2 business days (48 hours) or less, for your orders to be delivered to your address.

How can I track my order on pearwheel?

To track your orders on the pearwheel, kindly log in to your mobile application and click on 'Orders'

What are the visions of the organization?

We aim to be become a company fostering the betterment of Africa by enabling our true culture of commerce via tailored technology.

What are your organizational values?

Customer Centricity: We adopt a customer centric care model set to meet our customer needs at every point, embracing feedback loops to continuously improve the service to our customers and ascertain satisfaction. Integrity: We are committed to conducting our services in a manner consistent with the highest standard of integrity, exceeding customer expectations. Operational Excellence: We deliver value to our customers consistently and promptly, with excellent service in mind. Corporate Social Responsibility: We are committed to goals that generate benefits for the communities where we operate, providing support that leaves a lasting legacy and empower the locals. Continuous Learning and Innovation: We stay curious and pursue learning opportunities, focusing on new and creative methods to bring trailblazing solutions that facilitate efficient service delivery to our customers.